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About Us

Metalrig is a local family business based in Townsville. Operations began in 2003 and rapidly expanded to encompass all facets of steel and pre-cast/tilt panel erection, boiler making and rigging. We have expanded our team from 5 employees in 2004 to a base operable number of 14 people in 2015.
We service rural, regional and urban North Queensland from Cairns to Mackay and as far west as Mount Isa, however works have seen us travel as far south as Brisbane. Metalrig offer outstanding customer service by personally tailoring our services to fulfil specific industry needs and individual demands.

High level customer satisfaction, safety and a professionally finished job on time is the mantra we live by and it is of vital importance to all staff and management. Staff satisfaction is a major component to any successful business and we contribute to this by ensuring our staff are confident and that they are briefed on all works being undertaken, qualified and knowledgeable. By doing this, everyone has the same understanding of the job requirements and we work together to achieve a common goal - completion in a safe and timely manner.

We know safety is vital to continued success of our business and we value the importance of regularly up-skilling and training our staff to ensure maximum safety and efficiency at all times. Metalrig have been assessed as Code Compliant with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry. All jobs include Safety Evaluations (SWMS), Risk Assessments and comply with all Workplace Health and Safety laws, regulations and measures to reduce accidents and we strive for a zero accident policy.

Our valued team comprises qualified and motivated professionals with cross-functional expertise, skilled in all areas of the erection business, providing a high quality of workmanship and environmental awareness.

We work closely with our clients to ensure our goal is one of the same. We have a strong focus on accountability and know the importance of following through with our commitment to provide quality services while remaining competitive on price and ensuring both safety and customer satisfaction is achieved.